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Gyen and Blupink (Pride Prompt)
The Gemsona Discord that I frequent posted up a prompt related to Pride month and I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

For this I used two of my gemsonas; Blupink (Genderfluid and Bi) the Colour-Changing Corundum and Gyen (Pansexual Demigirl), a gem who’s actually composed of many different types of gem (Making them both off-colour gems technically).
Doctor Who: The Yth Doctor and Friends
The Yth Incarnation of the Doctor can be described as closest, personality wise, to the 3rd and 5th Doctors. Lacking both the brash sarcasm of his predecessor and the distant mystique of his successor, the Yth Doctor is instead a humble and down to earth scientist with a passion for gadgets and gizmos of all kind.

This Doctor constantly tinkers around with electronics, creating lots of inventions (Many of which appear to have no known purpose) and can often be seen messing around with the TARDIS console, experimenting with it’s innards to see what happens. He is accompanied on his adventures by everyone’s favourite robotic assistant, K-9.

A near-pacifist who’s repulsed by the idea of violence and willing to see the good in everyone, the Yth Doctor’s default approach when in a troublesome situation is either to use the diplomatic approach or one of his various contraptions he carries with him.

Unlike the Xth and Zth Doctors, the Yth Doctor has a more personal bond with his companions, which is both a blessing and a curse. As well as that, he will more than often explain something to his companions in detail and with enthusiasm. He is a massive fan of the Afrofuturist aesthetic and experiments often with Aboriginal/African music and instruments. He also likes to relax and meditate on the highest peaks he can find.

So here’s a sheet of the Yth Doctor (Based on the Actor David Oyelowo) I made for legacy-of-rassilon, plus K9 and an extra Companion, Suzanna Ramez, a Latino Jewish Trans-Woman who used to work with Anti-Fa and Food not Bombs before she met the Doctor, and seeing as she was pretty much homeless anyway, it was probably better that she traveled with him.
Peridot Redesign
And now a redesign of Peridot, seeing as only @traumatizedofficial had a proper go at her. Again, like with Pearl, not much of her fundamental design has changed, other than making her body more angular and shortening her actual hands and feet. Also I made her fingers more claw-like, to give her a more alien appearance.

In this version, she’s actually quite clumsy and constantly trips over herself without her limb enhancers, so in order to fix that, the Crystal Gems made Peridot leg enhancers using pieces of metal and the foot she dropped off at the crashed Gemship so that she had a more stable balance. As for her Arm Enhancers they were made by Bismuth when she heard about Peridot’s predicament and so she created them to help boost Peridot’s metal bending abilities. She often stims by moving her “fingers” around her much like she used to with her original enhancers.

Personality wise, she’s socially-awkward and quite abrasive towards people she doesn’t know or like in general. However she’s quite close towards people she’s friends with and will protect them anyway she sees fit. She also loves to infodump about technology, Homeworld and any other special interests if asked, though she WILL murder you if you touch any of her stuff with out permission. Peridot hangs around at the Barn with Lapis, as it’s remote which suits her more than in a busy area like Beach City and as both Lapis and Peridot are introverted they’re both okay with the arrangement.
Pearl Redesign
Doing another redesign, this time of Pearl. I didn’t really change much for this design. Though I did give Pearl a more conical body and head shape, based off of Fungussteps ‘s designs. I also made Pearl’s eyes more Asian/ Filipina after her voice actor, Deedee Magno and changed her palette slightly to match an actual pearl more (Or an artist’s depiction of a pearl that seemed close enough). Her outfit is now more samurai-like, with her sash-bow now doubling as sword holder, knee high boots and transparent thigh covers (Sort of like the skirt she had in Season 1).
Lapis Redesign
Saw a few people redesigning Lapis Lazuli and I thought “Hmmm, why not. Hell, I think I’m just gonna use this design instead of the “official design”.

For this one I wanted to emphasise Lapis’s relation with water and so I based Lapis’s main body off a drop of water, hence it being more pear shaped. I also semi-adopted gloomypunks ‘s idea of having the water wings cover her arms, Beta Lapis’s untamed hair and dark circled eyes and dolly-button ’s idea of her lower clothes sort of merging with her body. As I found the official Lapis’s lower skirt to be impractically long, I decided to shorten it and colour it transparent to add a jellyfish motif (Especially apparent when she’s flying). Because of how Lazuli stones have golden specks in them I incorporated gold into Lapis’s hair outline, her freckles and her skirt.
The first being the Yth Doctor I designed for the Legacy of Rassilon project (Here), he's intended to be used for free by fans in their own stories anyway. His adventures could revolve around a "searching for a a mysterious item of Time Lord origins" (AKA a Legacy of Rassilon) story arc.

The second is a sort of mystical "Tolkien-esque" Leprechaun type of Doctor, with a whimsically child-like personality masking a sinister, manipulative and even borderline malevolent streak to their personality. (Much like Patrick Troughton or Sylvester McCoy's Doctors but turned up to a hundred).

And the final one is a kind-of-intended-for-the-SUXDW-Universe Doctor who's a bit of a dark-humoured and melancholy type with a penchant for gothic aesthetics (Basically like the 
Shaka Doctor but female and without a robotic version of the Master for company.)


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